Building no. 5, ground floor


Visible layers: Labels Point symbols Fire fighting equipment
CLICK TO SELECT THE ROOM ! " # ! ! ! # BASEMENT GROUND FLOOR 1st FLOOR 2nd FLOOR FACULTY AREA PLAN 0 3 6 m Room category Room type WC WC WC Maintenance rooms Women's toilets Toilets for disabled Men's toilets Lecture room Computer classroom Meeting room Map room Study room Head of department Lift Canteen Academic bookshop Disabled entrance Emergency exit Fire fighting equipment ! Fire-extinguisher " Fire alarm # Fire hose N Z3 Classroom number l ENTRANCE Classrooms Staff offices Study areas Services Toilets Inaccessible areas Halls PARKING 02013 Office number N WC WC WC WC WC 01030a 01030 01021b 01021c 01021d 01019 01017 01001c 01009 Z2 Z1 Other department

Created by: Iva SENDLEROVÁ. Brno 2012.
Data source: ICS MU, Jan Russnák, 2011.