About department

Department of Geography at Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno belongs to the largest university geographical institutions in the Czech Republic.

Research activities of the Department have a long tradition in the physical and human geography going back to the period shortly after foundation of Masaryk University. Geographical cartography and geoinformatics were established later and polar reasearch has also achieved eminence. Individual disciplines have been interrelated especially in recent years. From this standpoint geography significantly contributes to multidisciplinary approach. Members of the Institute are involved in a number of grants and research projects and the Department cooperates with numerous domestic and foreign institutions.

Department of Geography provides within its teaching activities education in bachelor and master study programmes in geography and cartography and in multidisciplinary studies aimed at teacher-training. These programmes cover all basic geographical disciplines. Master studies graduates can extend their scientific qualification in Ph.D. study programme.


     EGEA - European GEography Association

     Programme Erasmus+

     Map collection (only in Czech)