New Wave is back!

26 Srpen 2022

New Wave is back!

Three years. One could wonder, whether it is too much or too little time. But it depends. For example, in three years – baby could be born, could learn to walk, speak and start attend kindergarten. On the other hand, stalactite according to guides in caves grows just by 3 mm in three years or continent could move by like 6 cm in that time. Therefore, answer onto question whether three years are much on little time depends on the nature of event we observe in that given time. And if we focus onto scientific conference New Wave, we could easily say, that three years are rather too much.

You may be wondering, why are so obsessed with three years? Answer is simple. It is that much time since we met for the last time, before covid-19 pandemic hit our lives and ceased future iterations of conference. But pandemic is slowly fading away from our lives and that means just one thing. It time to meet again and prepare another edition of New Wave which will be organised again in Brno in the same location as was the last time back in 2019.

Therefore open your diaries and with thick black pen mark the date 26th of August 2022, because that will be the Day D. New Wave will be back and at this point we would like to kindly invite you to Department of Geography of Faculty of Science of Masaryk University. As usual, New Wave is aiming to be international student and early careen conference and although current edition of conference doesn´t have exact strict topic, we like to present this New Wave in “reloaded” branding as we all would again have to meet in person and share our work, research, ideas and most importantly see each other.

As New Wave 2019 started this tradition, in 2022 organisers will welcome contributions from various authors not only from geography but also from other sciences connected with space such as social studies or arts. If you are wondering what kind of contributions are welcomed, the range is wide – it could be papers, posters, maps or even some other more nonorthodox forms. The main aim of conference is to share each ones ideas and researches and to make sure, everybody can enrol, New Wave is still free of charge.

So, enrol now and we are looking forward to seeing you in Brno.




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